Amy J. Lueck is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Santa Clara University, where her research and teaching focus on histories of rhetorical instruction and practice, women’s rhetorics, feminist historiography, and public memory. Her book, A Shared History: Writing in the High School, College, and University, 1856-1886 (SIU Press 2020), brings together several of these research threads, interrogating the ostensible high school-college divide and the role it has played in shaping writing instruction in the US. headshot

Her recent research builds on this work by attending to the conceptual boundaries and metaphors shaping history and remembrance at various sites, from universities and the tribal homelands on which they are built to historic attractions like the Winchester Mystery House. Her work has previously appeared in journals such as College English, Rhetoric Review, Composition Studies, and The Atlantic Monthly.

Lueck received her doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition at University of Louisville, where she was the recipient of the Guy Stevenson for Excellence in Graduate Studies, the University’s highest award for graduate students. She was also recent recipient of the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award from the AAC&U.

She can be contacted via email at alueck [at] scu.edu, on Academia.edu and on LinkedIn, and also very occasionally on Facebook and Twitter.